Since the beginning of video games, creators have had to find new ways to advertise their games. This started as something as simple as the decoration on an arcade cabinet, and has expanded today to billboards and soft drink tie-ins. The research done on this blog combines every type of advertising related to gaming, such as in-game ads, product placement, console dashboard advertisements, and full advergames. This blog will serve to give readers a basic understanding of general video game advertising.

About Me: 


I’m Joe Bush, a Freshman at the University of Kansas. I have played video games since I was around four years old and I have been exposed to advertising since likely around five or six minutes after being born. Video games are my main focus when it comes to writing, where I do so at my blog, where I update around twice per week generally. If you would like to e-mail me, send me an e-mail at j644b215@ku.edu


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