Ads and Games Sub-Topic 3, Post 3: The PlayStation 4

This is a blog covering advertising surrounding video games. This final post will cover the Sony PlayStation 4’s advertisements, including the dashboard advertisements and future possibilities.

Like the XBOX One, Sony’s PlayStation 4 (PS4) was released in November of 2013. Also similarly to the XBOX One, the PS4 uses many new advertising techniques (Mannion, 2013). These two consoles are similar to each other in many ways. Both have an add-on camera system, Microsoft’s Kinect and Sony’s PlayStation Camera, both share many games, such as Madden NFL 25 and Call of Duty: Ghosts, and both make use of dashboard advertisements (Cordell, 2013; Mannion, 2013).

The PS4’s dashboard ads are placed alongside the other items on the dashboard. On console’s welcome screen, ads for recommended games are placed on a “What’s New?” banner. The dashboard allows for video commercials to be included alongside other options on the dashboard. There is also an option for a “branded destination” where one particular product (typically a game) is displayed full screen, then purchased directly from that screen (Mannion, 2013). These different ads can help players find out the information that they need quickly and simply.

Like Microsoft, Sony is looking to implement its camera technology. In the same way, consumers are wary of what could possibly happen with that technology. Some of their ideas in a patent explained in “Sony patent is hilarious, terrifying” by Matt Vella of CNN’s Fortune Tech include interactive game-like advertisements (such using a motion-control peripheral like the PlayStation Move controller to throw pickles onto a hamburger on screen) or on-screen orders for food (such as pizza) (2013). One example, which features a viewer standing up during a McDonald’s commercial and shouting “MCDONALD’S!” at the console’s microphone to skip over the rest of the ad, was cause for mocking by Vella (2013). This sort of advertising seems intrusive, and is one of the reasons why advertising teams are creating more simple console ads, so players aren’t left with a negative feeling (Cordell, 2013).

McDonalds Ad

Like with the XBOX One, advertisers see great potential with the PS4. If advertising with the PlayStation 4, I personally recommend using a less intrusive ad like the dashboard videos. If the advertiser is selling a product available for download from the PlayStation Network, (such as a game, movie, or television series), the PS4 offers direct purchases of said media from the ad, which is convenient for the player and could help sales of the product. Both of the new consoles are more advanced than anything else video games have ever had, and choosing to advertise with the XBOX One or PlayStation 4 will be a smart decision for the next few years as the consoles develop.

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